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Letter to Irish Times concerning the proposed granny grant

Sir, – I have noted with interest a recent public debate on a proposal to support child-minding grandparents with a State-funded allowance of €1,000 per annum, roughly €20 weekly. Over 100,000 people with disabilities live on means-tested income supports. Poverty levels are increasing among them.


 The Oireachtas Disability Group, along with the Disability Federation of Ireland, and others, have called for the forthcoming budget to make a starter payment of €20 per week to begin to turn around this unacceptable level of poverty.

These people badly need this additional and entirely justifiable allowance in the forthcoming budget, and I will be urging the Government and Minister for Finance to do just that. – Yours, etc,


Chief Executive Officer ,

Disability Federation

of Ireland,

Fumbally Court.

Fumbally Lane,

Dublin 8.