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Review of Supports Available to People with Disabilities Transitioning from Education or Training into Employment

The report of the combined Joint Committee on Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Education and Skills, and Health was published on the 27th July 2018 and received favourable coverage in the media the following day. The report is entitled, ‘Review of Supports Available to People with Disabilities Transitioning from Education or Training into Employment’

 I am very pleased with the publication and content of this report, especially as I proposed the idea of a joint meeting to the three committee’s - and set a process in train, which led to the publication of this important report on 27th July.

I was strongly of the view that the three Joint Committees working together would bring additional energy and momentum to the final report - and this has proven to be correct. This joint meeting did surprisingly require an amendment to the standard Oireachtas committee operating procedures.

The report found that we need ‘a root-and-branch reform of how state agencies support people with disabilities as they progress from school and training courses into employment’. It essentially challenges the often-disjointed approach experienced by people with disabilities as they attempt to take fundamental steps forward in their lives.

The report also finds that the system is ‘rife with disincentives for people requiring special assistance to seek work at all, given that “success” in the jobs market often means the loss or reduction of essential state-provided supports’.

The report proposes wide-ranging reforms of policies and practices across several government departments and state agencies. I am determined to ensure that this report is not ignored and forms part of a more enlightened state process in dealing with disability issues and supporting the disability community.

Full report available on link below: