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Senator John Dolan surprised and disappointed that Government have ignored disability inclusion in Budget 2019

"I am surprised and disappointed that Minister Donohue and the government have again ignored the 643,000 member disability community in today’s budget statement. This is the sixth post recession budget and the first since Ireland ratified the UN CRPD, in March, - yet the expectations of the disability community have again been ignored – despite the well-publicised surplus available to the government.

There is further funding for people with disabilities, some of which will address demographic pressures, but will not kick start a Government programme in keeping with the commitment to people with disabilities. This relief is welcome.

The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) by the Government, earlier this year, brings with it specific responsibilities, especially in regard to presenting unambiguous and fully funded implementation plans.

This should be the Budget to set out the Governments plan to achieve disability inclusion and make a strong start to implement it. Otherwise we cannot meet our commitment, which is directly linked to ratification.

Either the government do not intend to honour the commitment to UN CRPD ratification or they fail to understand its significance and indeed the hope it generated within the disability community.

Minister Donohue stated that Brexit is the challenge of our generation. Disability inclusion is also a national challenge for this generation. The Government must acknowledge and act - and it has not done so today. People with disabilities need real assurances of ambitious action and I invite government to let its plans be known.

Citizens with disabilities experience much greater challenges in their daily lives, in regard to poverty, unemployment, access to public transport, special supports, education etc., than other members of society – surely this cannot be disputed. It stands to reason that when the wider community gets some benefits from the budget, as has been the case today, all will not benefit equally. This injustice and inequality must be addressed"