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Statement from Senator John Dolan, Chief Executive, Disability Federation of Ireland

Statement from Senator John Dolan, Chief Executive, Disability Federation of Ireland

The restoration of vital public services set back by concessions on pay

Speaking this morning at Enable Ireland and Disability Federation of Ireland’s Launch of a ‘Discussion Paper on the Future of Assistive Technology, at the NCH’, Senator John Dolan said today, “No Government should allow itself to be bullied into a situation where it has to concede the reasonable and long awaited expectations of people and families who urgently need to see major improvements in public services.

If pay claims domino across the public service, this will only succeed in wrecking the restoration and development of vital public services and undermine our recent hard won economic sovereignty.

We have witnessed over recent days the obvious start of the unravelling of the discipline of the Landsdowne Road Agreement. The €290m allocated for increased pay next year is now breached by in excess of €40m. This is before the ASTI dispute is settled and other unions are now lining up.

Our Government has said it wants to have a strong economy so that people can live in a just and fair society and have the level of public services that are necessary.

This extra funding now being released on pay increases can only come from two sources, namely increased tax revenues or reductions in services. Government has set itself against increased taxation. Yet again 600,000 disabled people, their families and almost 200,000 carers will be paying the bill unless the government stands up and fights for the services that we so badly need.

I am now challenging the Taoiseach and his Cabinet to hold the line because if they don’t they are effectively triggering a second recession for people with disabilities – and this is as unacceptable as it is unjust”

- Senator John Dolan, 7 November 2016