• Senator John Dolan

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Government must take the concerns raised by the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council on board…

Government must take the concerns raised by the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council on board…

‘The Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Report published this week makes one clear and unambiguous point, as follows, “Under the new budgetary framework, current projections indicate that any further increases in expenditure in 2017 for higher public sector pay will have to be offset by lower spending in other areas or higher taxes”

It is clear that the report, just published, makes the point that unplanned public pay increases will directly impact on the capacity of the Government to advance it’s public and social services commitments.

I have asked the leader of the Seanad to have this report debated in the Seanad as a matter of urgency – and he has confirmed that the Minister will brief the Seanad on this matter in the coming days.

I have also written to the Taoiseach expressing my deep concerns about the conclusions drawn in the report and especially how this will impact on people with disabilities.

The 600,000 people with disabilities and their families are gravely dependent on the development of and improvements across a range of services following the very difficult recessionary period.

There is also a serious negative impact for the implementation of the UN CRPD following its imminent ratification.

As I have stated on several occasions; I am in no doubt that non adherence to the discipline of the Lansdowne Road Agreement will trigger a new and home grown recession for disabled people and their families. In my letter I have urged the Taoiseach and the Government to hold the line on behalf of their stated ambition to provide a quantum of social and public services that will advance the rights of people with disabilities to be full participants.

The great fear of people with disabilities at this time is that while negotiations are ongoing between Government and the public service unions their interests will not be served. The Government has a responsibility to protect the public interest that disabled people have in this matter and I urge them again to embrace this responsibility as a matter of urgency.

- Senator John Dolan